WATCH: Casseurs Flowters’ “Inachevés” Music Video

Maybe the French rap duo Casseurs Flowters knows me personally, or maybe they’re just good at writing lyrics that apply to the millennial generation, but their music video for their song “Inachevés” pretty much describes me this summer.

Casseurs Flowters is a rap duo that was started quite a while ago in 2004 by famous rappers Orelsan and Gringe. In this music video, which they released this April as part of their new album “Comment C’est Loin,” they embody the word “inachevé” by rapping while doing nothing. They rap while laying on couches that people carry for them, they rap while laying on the ground, or in the bed of a truck.


It’s a video that shows a pure kind of laziness and is a perfect accompaniment to the song, which is about never being able to finish anything. I can relate because I’ve just been lying around all summer with a million unfinished DIY craft projects.

Ok, maybe that’s not exactly the same thing the video is trying to show, but you’ll have to watch to decide for yourself: