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Backstage At The Rio Olympics With The French

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There’s been a lot of contention about this year’s summer Olympics in Rio, with the Zika virus, the doping scandals and the political turmoil in Brazil, but collaboration between countries, which is what the Olympics is ultimately about, is what could save the summer 2016 games.

Last week, France 24 went behind the scenes in Rio, following three French people who are helping to make the Olympic Games run smoothly. Delphine Moulin, a sports events manager, test runs games, makes sure the lights are running in the stadiums and that everything is working as it should be. Arnaud Gouxette is a French chef who is in Rio helping to feed all of the French athletes so they are in top shape to compete. And Sebastien Louis is in Rio to bring French attendees together so that they can show maximum support for the French team.

Together these three French people are what makes the Olympic games run. Not only that, but they are there in Rio representing France and cheering the team on along the way!

Watch the video to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Olympics in Rio:


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