An American Tasting French Snacks

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It’s not surprise that a French grocery store is incredibly different than an American supermarket, but that is part of what makes traveling so fun: seeing and tasting the unique differences that people in other countries experience in their everyday lives.

And one of the best ways to see those differences first hand is, surprisingly, with snacks! Snacks are something that we eat without really thinking about why we eat them or where they came from. When I am in France, I always try to go to the grocery store and gather a bunch of snacks to eat, just to try something new and out of my daily routine. It’s helps with learning about French culture, too.

Even if you can’t make it to a French grocery store, you can still experience a bit of what French snacks are like! The vlogger EmmyMadeInJapan asks people from all over the world to send her snacks from their country, and then she tries them in her vlogs called “Emmy Eats.”

While the French snacks she tries in this video might be a little fancier than your everyday French person snack, it’s still fun to watch and see foods that you might never have seen before, such as chocolates that look like olives:


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