Visit the Louvre Without Losing Your Mind

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Every country has those tourist attractions that seem like a great idea until you’re two hours into waiting in line to buy your ticket. Unfortunately, Paris has a lot more of those must-sees than most other places. The Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and, wait for it…

The Louvre. Luckily, travel guide Jay Swanson has put together this nifty little guide for how to get in and out of the famous museum as quickly as possible, while still seeing everything on the “Oh my God, how could you go to the Louvre and not see that?!” list.

Some quick tips:

  1. The museum has more than one entrance, and some of them are easier to get into. (Watch the video, it’ll tell you which ones to use.)
  2. If you’re planning on doing a long tour, plan to leave the premises for a lunch break. If you can, get as far out of range as possible when choosing a restaurant. You can always go back, and you’ll get a much better (and cheaper!) meal out of it.
  3. Beware of clapping, the French signal for, “Don’t touch that!”
  4. Remember that there are works of art that aren’t the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo. And you’ll probably be able to get a better look at them anyway, without hundreds of people trying to get selfies in your way.
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