VeggieWorld 2016: France’s Vegan Convention

So it turns out there are vegans in France!

Sure, the French diet is normally based pretty heavily on meat and dairy products (you can’t have a croissant without butter) but gradually French veganism is becoming mainstream and French foods are being revamped to be free of animal products.

A testament to the growing vegan population in France is VeggieWorld, a European vegan convention that had it’s third Parisian edition this month. At VeggieWorld is the biggest vegan event in France and over 800 vegan products are showcased from food and drinks to cosmetic products, fashion, health and lifestyle items.

Not only is it a great place to learn about the vegan lifestyle but it’s also great for French vegans to come together and meet each other… since there isn’t a whole lot of acceptance for veganism in the French cultural food traditions.

Meet French vegans and plunge into VeggieWorld in this video:


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