Unknown Paris: A Tour of Les Puces

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Don’t worry, this isn’t another blog where some British/American career Instagrammer flaunts her YouTube ad money while showing us all the “secret” places in Paris that everyone who’s anyone has known about for the last ten years.

In this new web series by MessyNessyChic, cheekily titled “Don’t Be A Tourist,” Nessy sets out to take us to those weird little dark corners of Paris, the ones far out of reach of the first arrondissement or the sight of the Sacre Cœur. In the first episode, she takes us to Les Puces, the largest flea market in Paris (which is really made up of 15 interconnected markets!).

Nessy has a fondness for all things strange and curious, and she finds them everywhere: vintage Belle Epoque erotica, a pair of early-20th century 3D glasses, teeny tiny champagne bottles… She even takes a stop at Chez Louisette, which she calls the “kitschiest restaurant in Paris,” where the wine is always flowing and the Édith Piaf imitators are always singing.

Even in a tourist hotspot, stick with Nessy, and you’ll definitely end up doing something interesting. Can’t wait for the next episode!

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