Try These Tricky French Tongue Twisters

Some would say that the peak display of mastery of a language would be the tongue twister. To be able to say things that even the most linguistically advanced natives have trouble with is the ultimate goal of any true language nerd.

So, for all you wannabe Francophones out there, here is your ultimate challenge. Vloggers Damon and Jo of Shut Up And Go put together a list of French twisters that are sure to get your tongue in a knot. But worry notjust think of it as practice for French kissing.


Examples include the baffling, “Si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tendu” (“If my uncle cuts your uncle, your uncle will be tense”). But that was an easy one, right?

Damon and Jo also try writing their own tongue twisters, which could be a fun exercise the next time you feel like challenging your French class or showing off to your friends!