Buy One, Get One Free Meal During France’s Tous Au Restaurant

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In the United States, restaurant week is awaited with bated breath: the prix-fixe menus, the chic restaurants offering sweet deals, the up-and-coming chefs whose foods can be sampled for less than a paycheck during these weeks exclusively. In France, there’s Tous au Restaurant.

During this two-week period, September 30 to October 13 this year, restaurants offer a buy-one-get-one-free deal. Or, as the slogan elegantly puts it, “your guest is our guest.”

Reservations can be made on the reserving platform Fourchette, the French equivalent to OpenTable). The price listed for a “menu” is the cost of the meal you have to buy to get one free (or the cost that you’ll split with the friend you take who gets her meal free).

At time of publication, 191 restaurants are participating in Paris, and many more throughout France. You can live your best Instagram-influencer life at Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athénée, or keep it simple at Crêperie l’Authentique Bretonne. Eat at the classic bistro Le Père Fouettard or try something a little more adventurous like the Libanese spot Les Vignes du Liban, or the Indian restaurant Desi Road.

The event is quite popular. In 2018, 250,000 people participated, eating meals at some 1,750 establishments.

Featured image: Stock Photos from food.kiro / Shutterstock

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