Top 5 Most-Read Frenchly Articles of 2020

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2020 was a challenging year, and one that came with many surprises. But through it all, we kept writing, and you kept reading. So it’s time to look back at this year of firsts, and your top five, to see what you, our Frenchly readers, have been perusing.

5. 11 French Foods that are Impossible to Find in the U.S.

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This year, as bars and restaurants closed and events were cancelled, many of us looked to food as a way to treat ourselves during the long days at home. Maybe you were feeling nostalgic for your time abroad, or wondering if you could introduce something new to your diet, but you all wanted to know about these favorite French foods that are just so hard to find outside of France.

4. Why You Should Be Watching Jacques Pépin’s Facebook Videos

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With a lot of us spending more time online, 2020 became the accidental golden age of streaming. Everyone from Beyoncé to your grandmother learned how to use new platforms to share their talents and their presence. And one low key star that re-emerged was Jacques Pépin, the French chef and cooking show icon, who turned his talents to bite-size cooking tutorials on his Facebook page. And no, they did not disappoint.

3. 12 French Words and Phrases You Should Know

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Language learning doesn’t end when class is over. In fact, it could be said that it never ends! This list of the phrases au courant in France will help you brush up on your day-to-day French, and keep you from sounding like you’re reciting from a textbook.

2. 23 Ways to Sign Off an Email in French

2020 was the year that proved that yes, all those meetings could have just been emails. In the era of télétravail, your email sign-off has been as important as saying “Bonjour” when you walk in the office. So why get siloed into just one? From the casual (A+) to the formal (Avec mes remerciements, je vous prie de trouver ici, Madame/Monsieur, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.), make sure you strike just the right tone.

1. 11 Romantic French Quotes About Love That’ll Make You Swoon

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“Life is a flower, of which love is the honey.” Does any language depict the purest sentiments of amour in quite the same way as French? Not according to you, chèr readers. This Valentine’s Day article piqued your interest all year long, as you checked to see what Colette, Victor Hugo, and Jacques Brel had to say about love.

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