Top 5 Most-Read Frenchly Articles of 2019

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It’s that time of year, when we make our lists of the best of the year and of what we want for next year. At Frenchly, it’s been an excellent 2019, all thanks to our talented writers and wonderful readers. We’d like to finish it out by remembering some of what made the year so excellent. Here are the top 5 most read articles on Frenchly in 2019.

5. 5 Places to Get the Perfect Croque-Monsieur in Paris

Photo credit: La Fontaine de Belleville, Facebook page

This quite simple (and quintessentially French) hot sandwich isn’t too hard to prepare at home, but it can be so lovely to spoil yourself and eat en terrasse, munching on a croque-monsieur (or madame, if you insist). Here are some of Paris’s best locations for a croque-monsieur. — read it here

4. What You Need to Know About France’s Metro and Train Strikes in December

Commuters waiting on a platform during the 2018 SNCF strike. Stock Photos from Alexandros Michailidis / Shutterstock

Last year there were the yellow vest protests forcing businesses to shutter their storefronts on key shopping dates. This year there are “repeatable” strikes by the RATP and SNCF unions that started on December 5 and have no end date. The two big questions: why are the strikes happening, and how is public transit affected? — read it here

3. Will Weed Ever Be Legal in Paris?

Image via the Cozyshop, one of the short-lived legal weed stores in Paris, Facebook page

France is known for being liberal-minded when it comes to a lot of things. But when it comes to its drug laws, this progressive epiphany has yet to materialize — even as the French are Europe’s most prominent consumers of drugs like marijuana. Will weed ever be legalized in France? — read it here

2. 7 French Love Poems That’ll Melt Your Heart

Stock Photos from Masson/Shutterstock

Though this piece was written for Valentine’s Day, it turns out Frenchly readers are looking for love poems year-round! These seven love poems, written in original French and translated to English, seem to have melted your hearts just as much as ours. — read it here

1. 11 French Expressions That Have No English Equivalent

Stock Photos from GlebSStock / Shutterstock

For foreign language learners, a surefire way to demonstrate fluency is to throw in an expression or two when you’re speaking or writing. French has no shortage of fun and unique sayings. Here are 11 expressions in French with no English equivalent that are sure to impress your Francophone friends. — read it here

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