Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum Try To Learn French Behind The Scenes of “Making the Cut”

The major reality show success “Project Runway” might still be on Bravo, but the two stars who made it, supermodel Heidi Klum and fashion consultant Tim Gunn, have moved to Amazon Prime.

Their new show, “Making the Cut,” has its first season set in the fashion capital itself, Paris. Twelve designers from around the world will compete to win fame and fortune and the approval of Klum and Gunn, through a series of ultimate challenges. Locations include the Musée Des Arts Décoratifs, the Eiffel Tower, and the banks of the River Seine.


In this behind-the-scenes video, Tim and Heidi explore Paris and try to pick up a little French in preparation for the show. Whether or not their French will “fait le coup” is up for debate, but is there anything more adorable than watching these two try to order at a cafe?