Here’s Why French People Can’t Do an American Accent

Americans, Brits, and — well, just about everyone else who speaks English as a first language — know firsthand the raised eyebrows and blank stares they can receive when making dire linguistic slip-ups in French. The brutality of the French “R,” the tearing-your-hair-out-agony of trying to figure out the difference between the vowel in “pur” and the one in “pour.” *Sigh* We’ve all been there.

There are (what feels like) a trillion tiny sounds that distinguish a French accent from an English or American one, and it takes a discerning ear (and a thorough knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet) to pick them out. Luckily for you, accent coach Luke Nicholson has done it for you.


If you’re trying to perfect your French accent for a Molière scene in acting class or just want a reminder that French people aren’t perfect too (I know, I know, c’est impossible), watch this video to Improve Your Accent.