This VICE Documentary explains the battle over ‘Laïcité’ in 10 minutes

Over the past few years, France has been plagued by terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic extremists. Radicalized French Muslims have created a subculture of domestic terrorists, and France’s particular brand of selective secularism has only stoked the flames.

This 10-minute VICE documentary takes a look at the different sides of the debate, interviewing a French imam, a teacher on the front lines, an expert in international affairs, and a member of a far-right political organization. Everyone has a different take on how the issue should be handled. Far-right groups claim the best solution is “reimmigration” of non-European immigrants. French President Emmanuel Macron believes in a “business as usual” approach. And many believe the president’s commitment to laïcité (French secular law) is an outdated and Christian-influenced mindset that must be adapted to the unique challenges of modern France.


Over the last 15-20 years, France went from being the most popular country for Muslims in the Western world, to being the least popular. Tensions have risen, and hundreds have died. But can French people of different backgrounds and political views come together to prevent more horrors?