The Wine and Cheez-It Box You Have Always Needed Is Here

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Finally, someone understands what the people really need: a wine and Cheez-It combo box.

House Wine knows no one really has the extra cash for all the expensive accouterments — why do cheese knives have to curve at the tip with this double-toothed nonsense? Must we spend forty dollars on dried apricots, figs, and almonds to be ~chic~? What are these small purple devils called champagne grapes?! Why is this all so complicated!

Now you can do as you’ve always done when you booze (let’s be honest with ourselves). The difference is you’re validated by a branded product, so really, it’s fine. It’s even made just for people like you; Cheez-Its marketing director has said they’ve seen the wine and Cheez-It tweets “for years” and are “excited to deliver on that specific consumer trend.”

Get it quick — sales start July 25th at 5 p.m. EST and will only be available online while supplies last. That dinner party this weekend you were scrambling for? Presto — problem solved.

The House Wine and Cheez-It Box brings everything you need together and if your friends judge you, just pour (re: open the tap) another glass for them and discuss the exquisitely-aged cheddar used for these fine little square crackers.

Since different Cheez-It flavors are available, Kellogg (Cheez-It’s parent company) and House Wine offer other pairing suggestions for the summer, hand-selected by a winemaker (that’ll get people off their high horse). They suggest Original & Red Blend, White Cheddar & Rosé, Extra Toasty & Sauvignon Blanc among others. Honestly, it’s “just like wine and cheese” but without the additional underrated hassle of finding the perfect cracker for your cheese.

It’s an age-old combination, a classic some might say, so why not dive right into the delicious, sodium-filled, and hangover promising pairing? You can find it right here for $25.

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