The Story of The Frenchly Holiday Box: The Right Gift for Your Francophile

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Every item in Frenchly’s Holiday Box has a French story, a story that can be told in the quality of the ingredients and in the integrity of the companies that make them. For the francophile on your list who wants the power of story as much as the gift itself, this box is sure to delight.

Frenchly thanks the Manhattan boutique, French Wink, for their partnership with us to bring this wonderful array of gifts to you.

The dark chocolate shells from Le Pompon are shaped like sailors’ hats and have a luscious swirl of salted butter caramel on top. They come from Brest, in the west of Brittany, and won Grand Prize, awarded by the National Academy of Cuisine, in 2014.

The “Joyeuses Fêtes” dish towels are 100% cotton and come from a small family run mill, called Tissage Moutet, in the town of Orthez, near the Pyrenees. Since 1919, Tissage Moutet has been weaving traditional Basque patterns onto sturdy linen fabrics. In 2006, the company was named a “Living Heritage Company.”

The Paris Snowglobe of the Eiffel Tower was made in France and will add sparkle to any room.

The lavender citrus candle smells like the South of France and is made from pure coconut and soy waxes and is phthalates free. No dyes or any additional chemicals are used.

The tin of Foie Gras is made by an old French family business, Rougie, where only the simplest ingredients are used to bring classic, rich, and undoubtedly French, foie gras to your holiday table.

Finally, the “Adopt the French Attitude Mariniere,” is a classic 100% cotton and machine washable shirt that was designed by an historic French company that makes high-end kitchen wear and chefs jackets called, Bragard. This lovely, flattering shirt has a round neckline, a straight cut and is machine washable. 

The great news about this box is you don’t have to choose! You can have it all in one stylish, affordable, French package. Give your loved ones the gift of France this holiday. Choose your gift and order here or directly below:


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