The State of Gender Equality in France and the U.S.

Take a look at the state of gender equality for women in France and the US 🇫🇷👩🇺🇸 #internationalwomensday

Posted by Frenchly on Friday, March 8, 2019

Every year the month of March brings us Women’s History Month to remind us of how far we’ve come on the road to women’s rights and the reduction of inequalities in work and everyday life — and how far we have still to go.

In France and the United States, women remain less well paid than men: for every dollar a man earns, an American woman earns $0.80 and a French woman earns $0.84. In both countries, two-thirds of women are employed. The figures on sexual assault are chilling: one in seven women will be raped in her lifetime in the United States, one in 26 in France. One in three women will experience some form of contact sexual violence in their lives in the United States, and that’s one in seven women in France.