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The Simple Pleasures of the Salade Lyonnaise

A bowl of food

The French understand that with the right attention, something as simple as a 4-ingredient salad can be absolutely decadent.

In the bouchons of Lyon, France’s culinary capital, pork is a staple of local cuisine, which led to the creation of the Salade Lyonnaise, topped with delicious, crispy lardons. The base is frisée, a member of the chicory family, also known as ‘curly endive.’ (If you can’t find some, then endive, escarole, and radicchio can be decent substitutions.) From there, you add homemade croutons, oeufs mollets (medium-boiled eggs), and a salad dressing combining red wine vinegar and walnut oil.

This video from the French Cooking Academy will teach you all the tricks to getting your salade just right, from the perfect pan to use for cooking bacon, to the right way to slice your croutons.

Looking for more easy, classic recipes? Check out this guide to late-summer French cooking, and all the recipes you can make without turning on the oven.

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