The Secret French Ways of Perfume

“Perfume is a weapon and French women know that very well,” says Justine Leconte, French fashion vlogger and traitorous revealer of secret French beauty knowledge.

In this video, Leconte reveals the juicy deets on the sacred ritual of selecting and wearing perfume. From the history of scent production in France to the significance of the number five in Chanel N°5, she covers it all. Important things to remember? Don’t rub your wrists after applying, know the difference between parfum, eau de parfum, and eau de toilette (and when to wear each), and take a “perfume break” every few days. Curious as to where all of these luxurious scents come from? Listen to Leconte talk about Grasse, the holy Mecca for perfume designers or “noses.” Even if you just need some good perfume suggestions, this video will provide you with a wealth of options for your next night out, an average day at the office, or those times you really need to feel like the boss.


“Finding the right one is a bit like finding your style in fashion,” she closes, “it’s fun, but it takes a while.”

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