The Secret French Restaurant Inside the Washington D.C. Embassy

“The goal is to represent French culture; it’s to represent French tradition. We are the Embassy of France — if we don’t represent it here, where are we going to represent it?”

These are the musings of Max Jacquet, the General Manager of Petit Bouchon, a six-table restaurant tucked away inside Washington D.C.’s French Embassy. As the Embassy is technically considered to be French soil, the restaurant feels like a secret portal into Europe, with carefully curated food and drink menus by Executive Chef Mark Courseille. Though mostly open for lunch, the restaurant can be rented out for private dinners of 15 to 42 people.


To get in, you’ll need a Frequent Membership Card. Stay til the end of this Washington Post video to find out just how to get your passport into this slice of France. The restaurant reopens after summer break on Monday, August 26.