Forget the Art of Cooking, Here’s the Science Behind Making Perfect Macarons

Everyone knows that French macarons are delicious, but sometimes it’s really hard to justify spending three bucks a pop for a tiny pink cookie, especially when a pack of Toll House dough only costs $2.50.

So, for those who love French baking but hate spending half their salary on enjoying it, there is always the DIY option. Now, macarons are notoriously tricky to make, but the good news is that even if they don’t look perfect, your duds will taste delicious. And chef Thomas Joseph of Kitchen Conundrums has a baking tutorial that will break down the science of macarons and help you get them as close to pâtisserie quality as possible. Joseph even insists on using a scale instead of cups to measure his ingredients, one bizarre distinction between French and American baking styles. So you know he’s taking this seriously.


If this video’s got you jonesing for even more French dessert goodness, here’s a little more food porn to have you running for the pâtisserie.