Do the French love Lingerie? Yes. But Showing it off? No.

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Ladies! This one is for you!

Every lady knows that secret confidence that comes from knowing what’s going on underneath your new favorite date night dress.

So it’s no wonder French women are able to pull off the effortless self-certainty they are so well known for. In this video series by Lingerie Française, French women answer all of your questions about bras, panties, and all those fancy complicated ones that only Victoria’s Secret Angels seem to know how to wear.

And those answers seem mostly to be whatever is the latest fashion, and in far more quantity than I suspect the average American woman could get away with. With all of these ladies, I picture a kind of I Love Lucy situation: “Oh but Ricky, I have to have the newest bodysuit, everyone’s got one!” “Not for half my paycheck, you don’t.” (Cue laugh track.)

So check your catalogues, ladies, if you want to keep up. And if you decide you don’t need that $300 faux leopard fur harness, then just remember: the key to French style is that comfort is sexy. So as long as you feel good, the glow will come to you.

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