The Legendary Train of France’s Southern Coast

Next time you’re planning an adventure in the South of France, you might want to skip the plane ticket to Aéroport de Marseille Provence and look up a TGV schedule.

This video from France 24 shows the exquisite Côte d’Azur as seen from the everyday commuter train between Marseille and Miramas. Beloved by locals and travelers alike, the train is one of those little things that makes traveling in France so incredible: efficient, low-cost transit to visit local treasures, with incomparable scenery along your journey.


On your next weekend in Marseille, hitch a ride to Sausset les Pins for oursins, or sea urchins, a local specialty. Only available at certain times of the year, they have become something of an obsession in those parts, and for good reason. Once you’re stuffed with briny goodness, head over to Niolon, a common departure point for hiking trails along the sea.

Ready to book those tickets? Get a ticket between Miramas and Marseille on the TGV or on the TER (Transport Express Régional).