The Ikea Products the French Love the Most

Photo credit: Ikea France website

The popularity of the furniture and household goods store Ikea is international and entirely universal, and the French love it just as much as we do Stateside, maybe more. There are 34 Ikea stores in France. As the stores do vary a bit from country to country, the preferred products in each region are also quite distinct.

While, Stateside, we do not have access to all the most popular products of Ikea France, we have created a compilation of the products we most see in French homes that are available in the U.S. If you’d like to Frenchify your apartment or home, start with these everyday items that virtually most of the country seems to have.


1. Round outdoor table and two folding chairs


Many French apartments are blessed with a balcony and, despite the usually small size, the français always try to fit a table for a morning coffee. It is almost always this one (with matching chairs) in a variety of colors. — available at Ikea

2. Carafe with a cork lid


Where else would you put your orange pressée? There seems to be an obsession with cork lids too and you will even find pasta and grains stored in transparent jars with cork lids. — available at Ikea

3. Shelf unit with pullout baskets


This one usually features square baskets that easily hide away any mess or items you’d like to store away. They’re quite chic and very convenient. — available at Ikea

4. Woven basket


The French love their panier, but this one is quite special because it lives in the house and stores anything from laundry to pillows or a quilt. — available at Ikea

5. LED Candles


Being all romantic and cozy, the French do love their bougies (the oldest candles were actually French!). But they also do love these longlasting fake candles for the warm light they cast. You will often find these on the balcony. — available at Ikea

6. French press


One can have a fancy-pants French press, but the majority of French homes have this cheaper Ikea version that does the coffee job just as well. — available at Ikea

7. Floor Lamp


These were once super popular stateside too, but they are the official bedside lamp in France. — available at Ikea

8. Round Kitchen Table


There’s always a round kitchen table involved, ranging in various colors from light brown to dark black or even this white one. The table is usually set up with matching chairs. — available at Ikea

9. Glassware


Every single French household has these same glasses. They remind us a bit of the Picardie Duralex classes, but they a much more affordable version quite handy in the kitchen (and easy to replace). — available at Ikea

10. Lantern


Just in time for summer, these live on the terrace or somewhere outdoors filled with LED candles for an extra cozy vibe. — available at Ikea

11. Circular Mirror


If it’s not a vintage mirror from the brocante it is then a circular mirror from Ikea. These are quite minimalist and chic, and the updated linked version actually holds a few items on the rim too unlike the original. — available at Ikea

12. White throw


Everyone wants to be warm and cozy and these white throws are the ultimate Ikea hack because they look much more expensive than they really are. — available at Ikea