The Green Card Lottery Results Are Inaccessible Because the Website Is Down


Update, Thursday, May 9: The Green Card Lottery website is up and running again.

Participants in the 2020 Green Card Lottery will have to wait just a bit longer to find out if they’ve been selected for that rare Diversity Visa. The website containing the results has been inaccessible since the evening of Tuesday, May 7, the date they were put online.

An official from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, which is responsible for the lottery, told French Morning that “servers are continuing to experience high volume, and many users are having difficulty reaching the site. We encourage DV2020 entrants to check back later if they are unable to access the site.”

En attendant, les participants se sont épanchés sur twitter pour faire part de leur frustration. Parfois avec humour. Un d’eux a exhorté les Etats-Unis à lui donner une carte verte “et je réparerai le site. J’en ai les compétences, promis“.

In the meantime, participants having been taking to Twitter to express their frustrations, sometimes with humor. One user urged the United States to give him a green card “and I’ll fix [the site] for you. I got the skills, promise.”

The official page of the DV Lottery 2020 is the only place where the results are available. It is impossible to pay for the results, participants in the lottery should under no circumstances respond to messages claiming the exchange of results for payment.

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