The French Words that are the Most Difficult to Pronounce

Even the bravest language learner sometimes doesn’t quite know what they’ve gotten themselves in for.

In this video, French culture vlogger Kate of the YouTube channel Unintentionally Frenchified sits down with Jordan Patrick, AKA Califo.Ricain for a special language challenge. Kate and Jordan face off against Google in a pronunciation contest in which, I think it’s fair to say, no one wins. But you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about some of the trickier French words for English-speakers. Some you might use everyday (like your eyes), some once in a while (“hardware store,” anybody?), and some only in particular situations (like if you included a teapot on your wedding registry).


Either way, it’s important to keep pushing yourself. Looking for a little extra help? Check out this video on tips to sound more like a native French speaker, or test yourself with these French tongue twisters.