The French Girl’s Guide To Skincare

Maybe it’s because of all the butter in French food, or maybe the air quality in France is better than in other places, but along with having great style and a perfect je ne sais quoi attitude towards life, it seems like French girls exceed in having the freshest, softest looking skin.

Ok, so it’s probably not all the butter and air quality. Most likely, it’s just that French beauty products are better than the ones here in the US. Style vlogger Jenny, from the YouTube channel “Margot & Me” decided to help the rest of us figure out the French girl secret. Over the course of several months, she experimented with famous French skincare products to decide what makes them so effective.

“One thing that they all have in common is that they are rich in active ingredients and easy on the skin,” says Jenny. She’s thorough in her experiment, trying face masks, cleanses and moisturizers that are all French brands.

“Most importantly,” she says, “they are effective.”

Check out the products she tries and see for yourself:


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