The French Dish You Should Serve at Your Next Dinner Party

Aioli has become a culinary buzzword in the foodie world. You can find the garlicky mayonnaise-based dip just about anywhere that serves the likes of quinoa and kale salads and avocado toast, (including for sale in the Frenchly Marché).

But where does the condiment come from? It’s actually a traditional concoction from the South of France, a homemade staple in the land of no ketchup. And it’s also part of a delicious platter called the Grand Aioli, something you might serve at a dinner party in the South of France alongside charcuterie.


This cooking video with Chef Stephane of the French Cooking Academy will show you how to make this classic, tasty appetizer. You’ll need fresh vegetables, a mortar and pestle, and a LOT of garlic. So roll up those sleeves, and tell your friends all they have to do is bring the wine.