The French Bob: How to Get the Look

2018 seems to be the year of many things — a floral-print comeback, pink Instagram posts, and, most importantly, the French bob.

How, you might say, is the French bob any different from your normal run-of-the-mill bob? First off, it tends to run on the short end compared to bobs that you see in the U.S. While a “short” haircut in America might mean shoulder-length, in France a cut at the collarbone is considered “long.” That’s right ladies, no mermaid hair in Paris.


French bobs are also characterized by bangs (think Amélie) and a tousled, casual look, either with waves or a little extra volume for straight hair. No straight, sleek red carpet hair. For the ambitious, this beautiful video shows you how to cut your own bob. If you’ve already got one, skip to the middle to find out how to curl and spray it to fake that “just got out of bed” effect.

Looking for a makeup look to go along with your new do? Check out this French vs. American makeup tutorial.