Watch the Eiffel Tower’s Amazing New Year’s Eve Fireworks

The Chinese invented fireworks. The Americans claimed to have perfected them. But the truth of the matter is that no one does fireworks like the French on New Year’s Eve.

This picture-perfect-angled video of the Eiffel Tower’s New Year’s Eve spectacular is an incredible and, frankly, intimidating thing to watch. France has had a crazy year, electing the youngest president ever to hold office, and fighting fiercely to dam up the floods of nationalism breaking throughout the world. So at the end of a long year, it is refreshing to watch 2017 go out with a bang—pun intended—and a very large amount of sparklers.


Whether you’re feeling homesick for the Old Country, or you just need an alternative to watching gifs of the ball dropping in Times Square, this video is the perfect thing to watch while you procrastinate signing up for that long-talked-about gym membership.