The Cost of a Pack of Metro Tickets is About to Go Up

All the more reason to get a Passe Navigo Easy.

On November 1, the cost of a pack of 10 Métro tickets (a carnet) will increase to 16€90, from 14€90. The 2€ increase on packs of paper tickets has been planned to “accelerate the transition to paperless tickets,” explained the President of Île-de-France Mobilités to Le Parisian.

According to L’Usine Nouvelle, every year, more than 550 million single-use Métro tickets are sold, and each one takes a year to decompose.

The environmental push is clear when you look at the fact that the prices of other forms of tickets aren’t increasing. Ten digital tickets bought on a rechargeable Pass Navigo Easy or a smartphone will still cost 14€90. Individual paper and digital tickets will still cost 1€90, but buying 10 individual tickets is (and still will be) more expensive than buying a 10-pack, paper or digital.

Price increases are also expected for paper tickets on Orlybus (€8.30 to €9.50) and RoissyBus (€12 to €13.70). Paperless versions of these tickets will remain the same price.

The transit organization is in the midst of larger changes in the push to go paperless. On September 25, Samsung and Orange users gained the ability to use a Pass Navigo on their mobile devices. (Apple products are not yet compatible with the software.) And in December, IDFM plans to roll out Navigo Liberté +, which will allow users to pay for their trips on the Métro, bus, tram and RER in Paris at the end of the month. Each trip will cost €1.49, and transfers will now be accounted for (i.e., no paying to change your form of transit).

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