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The Celtic Social Club To Perform at #VCNY16

The Celtic Social Club will be continuing in its tradition of performing at the Vieilles Charrues Music Festival this Saturday, October 1st, at the festival’s special one-day 25th anniversary event at Central Park in New York City.

Though Celtic music is often associated with places like Scotland and Wales, it has a long history in France as well. And bringing these Celtic histories together is The Celtic Social Club, a band made up of Scots and Bretons who create contemporary versions of classic Celtic tunes and ballads. They modernize Celtic music from a range of places including Brittany, Wales, Cornwall and more, in the hopes of continuing on the culture and popularity of Celtic songs.

Made up of a large group of extremely talented musicians, The Celtic Social Club plays music that will take you away from where you stand and make you feel like they are standing on a Scottish hillside with the wind whipping through their hair. At the same time, the band likes to keep it fresh, incorporating modern tunes and styles. So no, it’s not all bagpipes all the time.

Check out The Celtic Social Club’s performance from last year at Vieilles Charrues:


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