The Best Way to Spend a Fantasy 24-Hour Layover in Paris

Paris is one of the major airline hubs in Europe, which means that if you’re traveling farther east than the UK, you might end up with a layover in Paris.

Make the best of it like the adorable couple of Stephen and Jess from the YouTube travel channel, Flying The Nest. First off, if you’re only going to be in Paris for the night, you might as well splurge and go for a gorgeous hotel like the Peninsula Paris (though it may not be for some of the more price-conscious readers). Stay smack dab in the middle of the city, so that you don’t waste a single second trying to find your way around underground in the metro or getting stuck in traffic. You might not be able to get too close to the Notre-Dame Cathedral nowadays, but you can at least sneak a quick peak before spending your day wandering the Louvre and taking a sunset trip up the Eiffel Tower.


Just be sure not to crush your macarons to avoid some major Instagram faux pas. And bon voyage!