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The Best Paris Street Food

Yes, France is known for it’s gourmet delights and haute cuisine that has existed for years and shaped the gourmet food world into what it is today. But, sometimes the tastiest French food can be bought for just a couple Euros on the streets of Paris.

Crêpes, baguette sandwiches, croissants… the list of amazing French street food goes on and on. In the U.S., French street food is often just considered to be “French food” and can sometimes come at a high price. But in France, it can be bought with the change at the bottom of your purse, is always delightfully fresh and, despite being simple, is obviously made with care.

For example, the baguette sandwich is most often just a baguette with butter, ham and cheese. But what makes it so amazing is the quality of each ingredient. Nothing is better than a fresh baguette, crunchy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside. Fill it with France’s best cheese, ham and salty butter and the result is surprisingly mouth watering, even though it’s really just a sandwich.

See how all these (cheap) delicious street foods are made in this video:



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