The 5 Best Street Food Spots In Paris

“Usually, reinventing a dish is only done at the highest levels of gastronomy. We wanted to make it affordable to everyone, so we tried and made it in a street food format.”

So explains the owner of Les Petits Rolls de Paris, a very unusual culinary enterprise that serves “cordon bleu rolls” to shocked (and typically amazed) Parisians. This video by Great Big Story takes you around some of the best places to eat in Paris when you’re looking for a quick, cheap bite. And the options might surprise you. A visit to Venezuela at Aji Dulce, galette fraîcheur at Chez Alain Miam Miam, and some thyme-heavy Lebanese wraps at Man’Ouché are all on the menu. And let’s not forget the special matcha-infused bao burger at Little Baobei!


There is so much more to Paris than just the standard bistro fare, passed down since the time of Escoffier. So it’s truly incredible that these amazing chefs have continued to bend–or even break–the sacred rules of French cooking, in honor of the quest for new and better ways of eating.