The 4 Classic Shopping Experiences You Can’t Miss In Paris

The idea of Paris as a shopping mecca dates back to the mid-19th century, when having “a dress sent over from Paris” became a major status symbol for women in London and New York. But when visiting for the first time, it can be stressful to have so many shopping options.

That’s why this video by travel vlogger Eileen Aldis narrows down your must-see shopping experiences to four locations. Le Bon Marché was the world’s first department store, and was engineered by the same man who built Paris’s most famous landmark. For home cooks and professional chefs alike, E. Dehillerin is the place to get all of your kitchen supplies (even if you do have to look them up in something like a library catalogue). For the most Instagrammable spot on the list, head to the Galeries Lafayette, whose domed stained glass ceiling makes Bloomingdale’s look like your hometown mall. Finally, we can’t forget every Parisian’s favorite grocery chain, Monoprix.


If you happen to be in Paris now, head to those stores as soon as you can before France’s annual summer sales, les soldes, finish up, so you can get discounts on all those souvenirs for family and friends. And, of course, yourself.