The 10 Must-See Spots in Biarritz, According to French Singer Hollysiz

The French beach town of Biarritz has been a popular tourist attraction since Empress Eugenie left her mark on it in the 1850s. The city where Chanel put up her first store still recalls images of luxury and simple pleasures.

But the town looks a little different than it did back in the day, which is why Vogue Paris asked French singer Hollysiz to give a tour of her favorite places in Biarritz. The emphasis seems to be on organic, vegetarian, and all-natural food and wine, alongside small boutiques run by local artisans who create one-of-a-kind fashion and art products.


Favorites include the Atelier de Maison Mönik, which makes jewelry out of recycled vinyl, vegan coffee shop Le Palm, and Chéri Bibi, a “cave à manger” where they serve natural wines and fresh local produce. But the absolute coolest spot on this list is probably The Map, i.e. the Atelier of Charlotte Bourrus, who makes exquisite “vertical collages” of cities around the world and sets them under glass domes.

But a day in Biarritz wouldn’t be complete without a surfing trip, n’est-ce pas? Catch a view of Hollysiz’s favorite surfing beaches, like the Plages des 100 marches.