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5 American Women Who Made French-American History

These 5 American women made history (and a difference) in France and in Franco-American relations.

A Brief History Of Women’s Rights In France

The French women's rights movement goes a little farther back than #balancetonporc...

Meet the Working Class Women of France Who Call Themselves Gilets...

France's most disenfranchised group takes to the streets.

#metoo and the French Anti-Feminists

A man who punched a woman in the face on a Paris street has finally been brought to justice.

What An American in Paris Learned About Aging Like the French

Are you a madame or a mademoiselle? Trick question: it doesn't matter.

Footage of a Woman Punched by a Street Harasser on a...

The #metoo movement might be going strong, but that doesn't mean there aren't some crazy harassers still out there.

A Feminist’s Guide to Paris

Spoiler alert: Marie Antoinette wasn't the only French woman who did things in history.

The Myth of French Girl Style

Now that you know how to eat, dress, talk, text, and moisturize like a French girl, learn why you wanted to in the first place.

Macron Promises to Fight Violence Against Women

Macron vows to end sexual assault and street harassment in France, calling violence against women a "national disgrace."

Paris Joins In Worldwide Women’s March

Several thousand women marched in Paris on Saturday as part of the worldwide Women's March movement.
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