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Eataly is the Newest Addition to Paris’ Italian Food Renaissance

Eataly becomes the new essential address for all things Italian food shopping, wining, and dining in Paris.

Where to Drink Vin Chaud in New York

It's cold outside, that means it's time to have some vin chaud inside!

The History Of Champagne

Warning: do not watch this video while thirsty.

Is Expensive Champagne Really Worth the Price?

Sparkling wine vs. expensive champagne — what's the real difference?

5 Places to Drink Vin Chaud in Paris This Winter

Everyone needs a little bit of mulled wine (vin chaud) in the winter, especially in Paris.

Sorry Millennials, the Rosé Trend Just Peaked

When something becomes popular, its market inevitably becomes flooded with poor imitators at every price point. Has rosé hit its peak?

All The Vocab You Need for a Night Out in France

Never again stumble when ordering a beer at a French bar with this vocab cheat sheet.
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