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A Beginner’s Guide to French Wine Regions

If you know your regions, you know your wines.

Which Absinthe Brands You Can Find in the U.S.

Is absinthe a murderous poison or divine inspiration in liquid form? The drink's unique history might surprise you.

Winemak’her: a Park Slope Bar that Celebrates Women Winemakers

"Until 25 years ago, women were forbidden to work in Champagne. Today, 30% of French winemakers are women."

How to Make Fantastic French Wine At Home

Tired of the wine shop clerk’s judgmental looks? There may be a way around your all-too-frequent stop-ins.

Best Sommelier in France Pascaline Lepeltier: “Wine Is Not Art, It’s...

In 2018, French woman Pascaline Lepeltier achieved an historic double triumph, first winning the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France title (in the Sommelier category)...

What Kind of Wine Goes with Fondue or Raclette?

Cheese can be had with white wine but dark meat is usually had with red wine... so what do you do for raclette and fondue?

Cognac, the Underrated French Spirit and Region You Should Know About

You know about wine, but there's another alcohol in the French patrimoine you should know about it: cognac.

Can You Buy Good Wine in a Grocery Store?

In a grocery store, no one is there to help you choose a wine. So how do you pick a good one?

Trump Said That American Wine Is Better Than French Wine. Is...

To answer this important question, we turned to winemakers and award-winning sommeliers.
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