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French People Don’t Wear Berets

The beret is supposed to be French, right? Then why is it only Americans ever wear one?

How The Women At Rouje Find Their Own Personal Style

Get some style tips (and some major interior design inspo) from Camille Yolaine.

Explore Paris’s Last ‘Maison’ Of Fans

Get a new closet crush on these gorgeous vintage Parisian fans.

Why Was Coco Chanel Obsessed With Camellias?

Let the Tudors have their roses. And send camellias to the Lagerfelds.

How an Englishman Invented Haute Couture

It's time for a lesson in the History of Fashion 101.

Biarritz: A Chanel Story

This little French beach town had a big impact on the history of French fashion.

How The Classic Chanel Handbag Gets Made

One of Coco Chanel's most beloved legacies, unwrapped.

5 Insider Spots for Vintage and Thrift Shopping in Paris

Spending big on a plane ticket can leave you with not much cash. Thrifting in Paris is the best way to score big for not much.

Marie Antoinette in Modern Day New York

The Virtuous Courtesan brings historical couture back into style...
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