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The Best Places to Eat Healthy and Fresh in Nice

From cafés to beer caves to food markets, here's where to eat fresh and healthy in Nice.

The Latest French Food Trend: Vegetarian & Vegan Versions of the...

These restaurants are changing up the French food game, saying no to meat and yes to legumes.

9 Places Vegans & Vegetarians Will Love in Paris

These are the places to go for vegetarian or vegan food in Paris. 

Would You Try “Fauxmage” (Vegan Cheese)?

What does a vegan do in France? Make fauxmage, of course!

Being Vegan in France vs. America

Is it possible to be vegan in France, the land of butter?

VeggieWorld 2016: France’s Vegan Convention

French food and veganism doesn't really seem to go together... Or does it?

How To Make Vegan Croissants

Vegans don't have to miss out on classic French gluttony!

How To Make Vegan Crêpes

French food can be vegan, too!
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