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How to Have the Ultimate French Castle Experience

Live like a king/queen in sumptuous castles in France.

Do The French Take Too Much Vacation?

The French get 30 days of paid vacation which to an American seems great. But is it too much?

Calanques, the Jewels of the South of France

Forget Nice; there's more than one way to do a beach vacation in France.

8 Reasons to Visit French Polynesia Now

Have you ever wanted to try the noni fruit or visit a Tahitian marae? Visit French Polynesia, islands teeming with wildlife, nature, and adventure.

These are the Best Times of Year to Visit Paris

For when you want the great weather without all the tourists.

Why the French Have the Best Summer Vacations

Why the French love their summer vacations, and why they are actually allowed to enjoy them.

French Summer Camps for Kids in New York City

From sports camps to crafty camps to classes full of culinary exploration, here are the French summer camps in New York.

8 Places in France You Should Visit this Winter

Don't hide inside this winter—check out our top French winter wonderlands.

Corsica: France’s Secret Mediterranean Paradise

Travel guide for Corsica, France's island beauty.

French Vacation vs. American Staycation

When, oh when, will we shake off the shackles of our workaholic forefathers?
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