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Why Does France Love ‘Friends’ So Much?

The Warner Bros. sitcom "Friends" is one of the most beloved shows in France. Why?

A TV Miniseries on the Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire is in the...

The New York Times will collaborate with three European production companies on the TV miniseries.

The ‘Friends’ Couch Will Be in Paris on September 12

Paris doesn't get a pop-up exhibit dedicated to "Friends," but the city does get the orange couch for a day.

France’s Netflix Rival Salto Will Launch in 2020

All those French shows you wish you could stream could now be available on a new French streaming service, Salto.

Watch The Trailer For Gad Elmaleh’s ‘Huge In France’

Thanks to Netflix, soon Gad Elmaleh won't just be 'Huge in France.'

CNN Said Strasbourg Was in Germany

An error by the news network led them to put Strasbourg in Germany, not France.

The BBC Made a “Les Misérables” Miniseries — Without Any Singing

Everyone's favorite French drama-turned-musical becomes a mini-series... with no music.

Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People into Thinking He’s Returning Lady Liberty to...

Deporting Lady Liberty. It's a little too crazy to be real--or is it?

How a Viral Dancer From Paris Got Ellen’s Attention

America's favorite dancer invites the Internet's favorite dancer for a live performance.
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