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Stephen Colbert recounts Trump’s Numerous Faux Pas in France

Stephen Colbert gives a hilarious run down of Donald Trump's trip to France, and all the faux pas he made while there.

James Cordon’s Got a Thing for Emmanuel Macron

Comedian Cordon discussed President Macron's good looks on The Late Late Show last week.

Wanda Sykes’ Family Speaks French to Conspire Against Her

Wanda Sykes talks about being married to a French woman on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

The French Election According to John Oliver

John Oliver has a message for France before the first round of the election.

Gad Elmaleh Remakes Cowbell Sketch on French SNL

Can the French pull off their own version of Saturday Night Live?

Marion Cotillard Dishes About Working With Brad Pitt

Marion Cotillard talks about her new film, "Allied" and what it's like to work with Brad Pitt.

Stephen Colbert Hilariously Tears Down France’s Burkini Ban

Unlike some French politicians, Stephen Colbert fully supports the wearing of burkinis.

Natalie Portman Talks About Living In Paris

Natalie Portman just moved back to LA from Paris... and things are a little different.
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