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The Louvre Is Closed Today Because Its Employees Are Striking

Workers concerned about their retirement security blocked the entrance to the Louvre on January 17.

What Do the French Think of the Transit Strikes?

The last time strikes of this scale happened, in 1995, the strikes were in response to President Jacques Chirac’s proposed changes to the national retirement system.

Strikes in France vs. in the U.S., a Comparison

It seems like France has strikes daily and U.S. workers almost never strike. But is that true?

11 Alternative Modes of Transportation to Use During the Metro Strikes...

Across France, 90% of trains of will be disrupted, and in Paris, 11 Metro lines will be closed and only one in three buses will run.

SNCF and RATP Announce Severe Traffic Disruptions on December 5 Due...

On December 5, 90% of train service in France will be canceled and local Paris transit will be immensely disrupted.

What You Need to Know About France’s Metro and Train Strikes...

"Indefinite" SNCF and RATP strikes will begin on December 5.

Macron Goes On Charm Offensive As Protests Continue

A "convergence of strikes" rages on in France as students join rail workers against Macron.

Massive Train Strikes Derail Paris Commuters

You might want to cancel that weekend trip into Paris, because these trains aren’t going anywhere soon.

Motherhood in Paris: Vive La Grève

The days of last-minute weekend getaways are long, long gone.
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