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Where to Watch the France-USA World Cup Quarterfinal Match in LA

Here's where to see Les Bleues face off against Team USA this Friday.

Where to Watch the France-USA World Cup Quarterfinal Match in New...

The best spots to watch the France-USA quarter-final in NYC

France and the U.S. Will Face Off in the Quarterfinals of...

A U.S. victory over Brazil puts the team in the quarterfinals — against France.

How Much Money Do Les Bleues Get If They Win the...

The pay gap between men's and women's World Cup winners is 362 million dollars.

Here’s Who’s on France’s 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup Team

Here's who's on France's 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup team, Les Bleues.

How to Watch the Women’s World Cup in the United States

France's women's national team will be competing to take home the trophy one year after the men's team won it all.

As France Fights Homophobia in Soccer Stadiums, Antoine Griezmann Is the...

One soccer star stands up against homophobia in soccer stadiums: Antoine Griezmann.

Inspired by His Faith, French Soccer Star Olivier Giroud Is Giving...

Olivier Giroud will be participating in a charity gala at St. Barnabas Church in Kensington, in West London.

How Marseille Fell In Love With Soccer

“People from Marseille, they define themselves as ‘Marseillais’ first, then French.”

Come to the World Cup Champions’ Party in New York with...

To celebrate the World Cup (because we're still not down from the high), enjoy a ping pong party and tournament at SPiN.
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