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“When Will France Have Its Barack Obama?”

The best quotes from a great discussion on race and racism in France.

Why Is Hillary Unpopular…in France?

"Anything is better than Clinton", according to French presidential forerunner Marine Le Pen.

WATCH: #Everydaysexism / #Sexismeordinaire

Picture a little boy looking at a poster displaying the presidents of the United States. Every single one is a woman. The boy sighs....

10 Hilarious French Feminist Memes

Why yes, French women ARE funny.

“We Won’t Shut Up”: Revolt Against Harassment Grips French Politics

Women in French politics are using "le naming and shaming" to hit back at male colleagues who harass them.

WATCH: Being Black and Female in France

Black French culture, "bande de filles", afrofuturism, fatou, sisterhood & more
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