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Why Are The French So Against #MeToo?

France seems to have a hard time coming to terms with the effects of #balancetonporc. This French journalist decided to delve into why.

A Brief History of Feminism in France

One of the many reasons French women are unstoppable.

One Year After #MeToo Began, the Deauville Film Festival is Celebrating...

One French film festival responds to the #Metoo movement by promoting women in film.

Footage of a Woman Punched by a Street Harasser on a...

The #metoo movement might be going strong, but that doesn't mean there aren't some crazy harassers still out there.

The Archaic Feminism of Catherine Deneuve

The American media responds to Catherine Deneuve and the 100 women who penned an anti-#MeToo letter to Le Monde.

France Considers New Laws Outlawing Sexual Harassment

In the wake of #balancetonporc, France is taking legal action against sexual harassment.

#Balancetonporc: French Women Expose their Harassers

A French expat in New York made the call. Tens of thousands of women responded.

What French Feminists Know that American Feminists Don’t

The real difference between French and American feminism boils down to this…but which one is more effective? You be the judge.

Patriarchy Dominates in France’s Job Market

If women think they'll have it equal in the workforce in France, they're wrong--from higher education all the way to pension.

Miss France, and the Hypocrisy of French Politicians on Pageants

American beauty contests have nothing on French beauty contests.
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