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Homophobia in France: an Outdated Yet Brutal Issue

While the legal system supports the LGBT community in France, the general population might not.

Why Do French People Have the Reputation of Being Good in...

The word on the street (or in the bedroom) is that French people are good in bed. But is that true?

“Monogamy has Changed”: Esther Perel, the Belgian Woman Talking to Americans...

Famous "sex guru," this researcher and relationship expert knows the differences between Europeans and Americans when it comes to infidelity.

Scandalous Novel Declared French National Treasure

One of the most controversial novels of all time has been declared a French national treasure.

French People React to Stereotypes of French Men

Dating Beyond Borders asks the tough questions about French men and their hygiene, style, and relationships.

Marion Cotillard, Brangelina, Sex, and Privacy

Why Cotillard doesn't share our sentiments of the rumors being "just another headline."

An Expert Opinion on Perineal Re-Education

There’s a long-standing cliché around the world that in France, women get special treatment down there after giving birth to bring their sex life...

French Kiss is Gross, Study Shows

You're sharing a lot more than just love under that mistletoe.

Talk Sex and Seduction with a French Twist at FIAF

A CineSalon will feature classics like "Last Tango in Paris," while expert-led discussions will tackle topics from obsession to infidelity.
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