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Why People Dislike Jeff Koons’ Gift to Paris, According to a...

A signatory of the letter against Jeff Koons' "Bouquet of Tulips" explains his opposition to the giant sculpture.

Jeff Koons Unveils His Controversial Tribute to Paris: “I Gave My...

The controversy-creating sculpture by famous American artist Jeff Koons was finally revealed on October 4.

Contentious Jeff Koons Sculpture Honoring Paris Terrorist Attack Victims Finally Arrives...

American artist Jeff Koons offered Paris one of his signature sculptures but city wasn't sure if it wanted the piece.

A ‘Beached Whale’ Washes Up on the Shores of the Seine

Yes, it's gross, and we're sorry we had to show you.

Night at the Museum: Behind the Scenes at the Louvre

The Mona Lisa doesn't come to life at night (that we know of). But there's a whole lot that goes on behind the scenes at the Louvre.

France Hosts International Ice Sculpting Contest

Ice sculptors gathered in France last week for the 26th annual Ice Sculpting Contest.

Bronze Cast of “The Kiss” Sells for $2.4 million

The famous bronze took in a lot of gold at auction.

Anish Kapoor Gets Carnal with Versailles

"I'm going to leave now," observed one French visitor, "before it spoils my lunch."

Georges Braque Grand Palais Retrospective Reveals Cubists’ Many Sides

Art lovers who think they know everything about the ground-breaking painter Georges Braque (1882–1963) should be thrilled by an illuminating retrospective of his work...

David D’Angers: Making the Modern Monument at The Frick Collection

Never heard of the famous French sculptor David d'Angers? Neither have most French people nowadays. But the "French Michelangelo" was one of the most important sculptors of the XIXth century. A new exhibition at the Frick collection makes him justice.
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