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Macron Attends Crucial Summit on Syria In Istanbul

Merkel and Macron finally weigh in on Syria with Putin and Erdogan.

France Plans to Repatriate Children in Syria with French Relatives

Whether you're Mexican or Syrian, you might want to hold onto your kids this year.

Italy Accuses France of Abandoning Refugees on Italian Soil

France and Italy continue their battle to not accept new African refugees.

Médecins Sans Frontières Faces Off Against the French Government

SOS Méditerranée says, "Not our fault, not our problem."

Citizens of the French Department Mayotte are Taking Immigration Reform into...

"France is for the French," say the people of this tiny African island.

France Should Be Leading Europe’s Immigration Policy — But It Isn’t

Emmanuel Macron's immigration policies are far less progressive than his rhetoric would indicate.

Appealing to French Catholics, Macron Meets Privately with The Pope

Macron goes to Rome following a fight with the Italian president to meet, instead, with Pope Francis.

New Banksy Murals in Paris Give Nod to Immigrant Struggles

Banksy strikes again, giving the City of Love a little tough love.

Macron and Merkel Meet to Discuss EU Immigration Reform

Merkel and Macron: the two European leaders stepping forward to reform the EU.

France and Italy Exchange Harsh Words Over Refugee Crisis

A refugee ship refused entrance to Italy elicited strong words from the French president.
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